Take the stage to push back the darkness in Phantom Hellcat

She might be partially covered up with a tattered mask, but Ironbird Creations’ contribution to Opening Night Live certainly caught my eye. In Phantom Hellcat, you control a young woman named Jolene who unwittingly unleashes an evil that was sealed in a theater and as an act of gratitude taken her mother hostage.

The stage is your world as you traverse through various cursed stage productions, use stage props to pummel enemies, and collect masks to grant you abilities to push forward in your rescue mission. Ironbird Creations’ intention with the title is to release a more traditional hack and slash experience while as other action titles have leaned on rouge-like or soul-like elements. No release window has been revealed but you can wishlist the title on Steam and the PlayStation Store.

Phantom Hellcat screens:

Phantom Hellcat | Official Reveal Trailer | Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live:

Phantom Hellcat | Official Reveal Trailer | Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live

We?re happy to announce our new project! Phantom Hellcat, from our internal development studio Ironbird Creations, is a dynamic perspective-changing action adventure coming to consoles and PC. Watch the trailer from Gamescom?s Opening Night Live.

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Phantom Hellcat is a dynamic slasher-platformer with showy combos in a theatrical setting. When demons kidnap Jolene?s mother, the teenager must take the stage and save her?but in the world of plays and props, things are not always what they appear to be.