Double Fine and iam8bit give you a Psychonauts 2 you can hold

Getting bought by Microsoft didn?t prevent Double Fine Productions from releasing physical copies of their long awaited sequel to their cult classic Psychonauts. Teaming up with iam8bit and Skybound Games, Psychonauts 2 can have a place on your shelves in two forms. A standard retail version will be sold at select retailers and will include a lenticular sleeve, stickers, 6 double sided art cards, digital downloads of the behind the scenes featurettes. For those who want the motherlode, they can purchase the collector?s edition, sold exclusively on iam8bit?s website. That version will include everything packed in the standard edition as well as a physical copy of the original Psychonauts, 5 pins featuring the Feast of Senses, a digital download of the full soundtrack, a blacklight poster as well as ?How are you feeling?? Archetype Raz poster from Double Fine?s senior animator, Chris Lam.

For uber fans, there?s even more merchandise to be purchased at iam8bit. Vinyl releases of the full 3 volume 6 disc soundtrack as well as a single vinyl featuring select tracks will be perfect for those who want either the full course or just a taste, A hardcover Art of Psychonauts 2, a 250+ page tome featuring designs and art that was created to give fans insight to design process of the title. As someone who reviewed, thoroughly enjoyed and paid enough money to have their name appear in the game, this announcement is gonna be pricey, but worth it (Looking at least $300+ shopping experience)!

Psychonauts 2: The Motherlobe Physical Edition Announcement Trailer:

Psychonauts 2: The Motherlobe Physical Edition Announcement Trailer

The Psychonauts 2 physical edition for Xbox Series X/Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is an imaginative experience for collectors and gifters. The retail editions come in a lenticular outer sleeve with a reversible cover sheet, and will feature a set of six two-sided art cards showcasing final art and concept art from the game, six premium die-cut stickers along with a digital download code granting access to unreleased behind the scenes materials.