Let’s Play! Oink Games on PC when it arrives July 6th

Oink Games, the Japanese developer of board games with rather small footprints recently released a digital compilation of their games onto the Nintendo Switch. Starting on July 6th there?s a whole new player base you can play with as Let’s Play! Oink Games makes its way onto the PC via Steam on July 6th.

Let’s Play! Oink Games collects the games, Deep Sea Adventure, Fake Artists goes to New York, Moon Adventure, Startups and This Face into a single package. To commemorate the PC release a 6th game will be added to the collection for free, In a Grove. The game is a mystery solving title with a tinge of the film Rashomon. Let’s Play! Oink Games supports single copy multiplayer, crossplay and the Steam version will have achievements as well as improved visuals.

Also there will be additional games added to the title free of charge. You can add the title to your wishlist now, so you will be alerted when the title is released and if you prefer it on Nintendo?s console, you can purchase it on the eShop.

Let’s Play! Oink Games screens: