Hit the roads of Japan in this new Horizon Chase DLC

Mobile racer Horizon Chase gets another country specific DLC pack today in the form of Golden Japan, which will have racers speeding across 9 new tracks in the Land of the Rising Sun.

These tracks will be situated in Tokyo, Kyoto, Sapporo and the Iya Valley and will feature iconic sites from those areas. It wouldn?t be as fun to race these news courses with your old cars, so the DLC pack will also grant you access to the ?D?j? Vu? which might cause auto aficionados might do a double take thinking it is a Toyota AE86 Trueno GT-Apex Hatchback?.rest assured, it is not.

The DLC is available today in the title?s in-game shop and it will be available for 50% off its regular $1.99 price during the first week of launch. Horizon Chase is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Horizon Chase – Golden Japan DLC screens:

Golden Japan | Horizon Chase New DLC:

Horizon Chase World Tour New DLC - Golden Japan | Aquiris

With this new content we want to join the Golden Week celebration and bring the Horizon Chase Mobile Edition community closer to the imposing Japanese architecture, colorful gardens and beautiful landscapes, among others. Players will be able to own the new, fast and easy to handle D?j? Vu car, which is a reference to the theme song of a famous racing anime series. In addition, the pack also includes 4 unlockable skins and 9 brand new tracks.

Unlock yours now on iOS, Android or Huawei: https://www.horizonchase.com/

– Discover and beat the fastest rivals in 3 tracks in Tokyo, 2 in Kyoto, another 3 in Iya Valley and 1 in Sapporo.

– By beating the rivals on the Golden Japan tracks, players will unlock 4 amazing and exclusive Skins.