What’s Akira Yamaoka up to nowadays? Find out in Deathverse: Let it Die – Dev Diary #2!

Uncle Death’s still running roughshod in the Supertrick Games offices and we’re reaping the benefits! In the latest Deathverse: Let it Die Dev Diaries, our favorite uncle cornered sound producer Akira Yamaoka for a chat about his work in Deathverse: Let it Die. For those who aren’t familiar, Yamaoka has been responsible for his work on Konami’s Silent Hill games as well as a plethora of Grasshopper Manufacture titles.

He has opted to join Supertrick Games and work on the music and sounds for Deathverse: Let it Die. The conversation included discussions about the difference between the sound of Deathverse and Let it Die, why Yamaoka chose to incorporate funk into the song (Death Jamboree) played in the reveal trailer and a tease of the outro that he might be making for Uncle Death’s YouTube channel. Here’s hoping future editions will feature a little more on the cast of the title, especially the former champion, now MC Queen B!

Deathverse: Let it Die will be release on the PlayStation platforms, however a release window has yet to be revealed.



Dev Diary #2 for DEATHVERSE: LET IT DIE is now available! This time, we went to Akira Yamaoka, who has fans all over the world, and asked him to talk to us!

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