One million Sifus as Sloclap celebrate epic sales milestone

I don?t think a slow clap is enough for news that independent studio Sloclap revealed about their latest release today. Since its release 3 weeks ago, Sloclap?s martial arts brawler Sifu (our review here) has seen over 1 million players spend over 10 million hours on their journey to avenge their father, with over 15% of players having completed their journey of vengeance or found another path.

Pierre Tarno, executive producer had the following to say about this accomplishment “We are thrilled by the reception of Sifu from both fans and press alike. We set out to create an authentic, Kung Fu action game that paid homage to our favorite Kung Fu films. We?re thankful for our fans around the world but we are especially humbled by the incredible reception the game has had in China. Our internal metric of success was how well the game was received there and knowing that fans in China are the largest segment of our sales outside of North America and the positive reviews from Chinese critics means a lot to us.”

Along with the stats, the studio also released a new trailer showing some of the glowing scores the game has received from the games media and if you?re eagle-eyed you might spot our score highlighted in the trailer as well. Sifu is currently available on PS4/5 and PC via the Epic Game Store digitally right now and for those who want a physical copy, publisher Microids will be making one available in the form of ?The Vengeance Edition? on May 3rd 2022.

Sifu | Accolades Trailer | PS4, PS5 & PC:

Sifu | Accolades Trailer | PS4, PS5 & PC

We are very grateful for the many amazing press reviews of Sifu from around the globe! Thank you very much from the entire Sloclap Team!

Sifu is the new game of Sloclap, the independent studio behind Absolver. A third person action game featuring intense hand-to-hand combat, it puts you in control of a young Kung-Fu student on a path of revenge. Sifu is set against a detailed backdrop of a fictional Chinese city where players uncover an ancient mystery via a series of difficult confrontations that test their skills to the limit. To overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, fighters need to rely on a mastery of Kung Fu and a magical pendant that revives them after death. The cost of magic is dear, however, and drastically ages a fighter with each revival: time is the price paid for revenge.