Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles Paramount+ series announced!

Today SEGA and Paramount have made an announcement so fast that even the titular blue hedgehog might need to exclaim ?Slow Down!?. With nearly 2 months before the 2nd Sonic the Hedgehog movie hits theaters, the perennial Japanese gaming corporation and the studio that witnessed the birth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has announced two additional projects featuring the iconic franchise. The first is a 3rd Sonic movie, and the 2nd is a Paramount+ series featuring Knuckles, who is set to make his debut in the 2nd Sonic movie.

While no cast details were revealed about the 3rd film, the Knuckles Paramount+ will feature Idris Elba rather than a soundalike like when most film franchises get adapted for the smaller screens (Although much respect to Lorenzo Music!). Let?s hope the 2nd movie which is scheduled to be released April 8th will maintain the charm and witty writing of its predecessor, so that these two projects will see the light of day and that the Sonic Cycle remains in the realm of gaming.

So who?s looking at their finances to see if they can fit another streaming service into their budget?