Sonic the Hedgehog movie speeds to nearly $210 million at box office

A year ago, we had no idea what to expect from Sega and Paramount Pictures’ big-screen adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog… but we probably would not have predicted this.

Worldwide, Sonic the Hedgehog has reached nearly $210 million in ticket sales in the first 10 days since release. It has officially topped Detective Pikachu and all other videogame-themed movies before it. The movie hasn’t even reached Japan yet, which we assume will add to the total as well.

Check out the press release below.

SEGA SAMMY Holding is proud to announce that the film ?Sonic the Hedgehog,? co-produced by Paramount Pictures and SEGA, recorded a global box office of nearly $210 million in ten days.

?Sonic the Hedgehog? was released on February 14th, starting on 4,167 screens in the U.S. and more across the globe. It recorded a three-day opening weekend of $58,018,348 domestically, breaking the previously held record for the three-day opening of a video game adaptation of $54.3 million set by ?Detective Pikachu,? and marking a new page in the history of video game films. ?Sonic the Hedgehog? continued to run at top speed in its second week, grossing $26,192,294 domestically and bringing its U.S. box office to $107,704,000 total. The international box office total as of February 25th is $102,268,213, bringing the worldwide box office total to just under $210 million.

?Sonic the Hedgehog? is coming to Japan on March 27. Don?t miss it!