Enjoy WW3 free this weekend with a public stress test

WW3, the tactical shooter from developer The Farm 51 and published by MY.Games has been in Early Access/Closed Beta since November 2021. This weekend the game is looking to take steps to reach a wider audience with a public stress test to see if their servers can handle large amounts of players. Between February 3rd to the 7th players can experience large-scale combat in real world cities such as Berlin, Warsaw, Moscow and Polyarny and construct the weapon of their liking.

Players who participate will earn the LWH Dark Helmet and also keep their progress if they opt to purchase access to the Closed Beta. The title will enter it?s Open Beta and a Free to Play Model in March 2022. WW3 is available now on PC and players can choose several flavors of closed beta packages to purchase.

WW3 screens: