Crunching Koalas has joined other devs in pledging profits to aid Ukraine

Despite it?s very Australian sounding name, Polish studio Crunching Koalas joins 11 bit studios and Beetlewing in condemning the actions taken by the Russian Government with their invasion of Ukraine.

Citing their proximity to the affected area, the developer of such titles as Butcher and Mousecraft has pledged all profits from sales of their titles to the Ukrainian Red Cross in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. This will be in effect for 7 days much like 11 bit Studio?s pledge. The Crunching Koalas? full statement can be seen below.

I also applaud Crunching Koala as they made the effort to consolidate links to their products making it infinitely easier for anyone who is looking to help to do so. Crunching Koala?s Linktree