Crytek is working on Crysis 4

Crytek, the German studio which birthed games such as Far Cry, Warface, Hunt: Showdown and of course Crysis revealed today on their corporate blog that they have begun development of a new title in the Crysis series. The announcement came with a short video teasing the stunning visuals which can be done in the company?s proprietary CryEngine.

Although there isn’t gameplay or action, eagle eyed viewers will notice the nanosuit helmet resting on a pile of debris. Furthermore the post also acted as a recruitment drive for the studio, reaching out to prospective employees to send resumes to the studio.

What exciting adventures will the next bearer of the nanosuit get into?time will tell.

Crysis 4 (Working Title) Announcement:

Crysis 4 (Working Title) Announcement


It’s finally time to reveal what we’re working on. We’re excited to announce the 4th instalment in the Crysis series is in development! We’ve a long road ahead of us but we want heroes to join us today to shape the next chapter in the Crysis franchise.

Watch the teaser and read the blog post for more information on the journey ahead.