Summon otherworldly beauties to swoon in Sucker for Love: First Date!

With its ’90s anime intro aesthetics, Akabaka’s trailer for their dating sim Sucker for Love: First Date is trying to recruit players to romance one of three Eldritch goddesses. Your choices will matter and the wrong ones will ensure that love hurts.

Originally a micro game which was part of the Dread X Collection 2, it was so well received that the team decided to further develop and expand the concept into a full title. Will the title have enough charm and grace to stand with dating sims such as Hatoful Boyfriend or Dream Daddy?

Sucker for Love: First Date was originally scheduled for a December 2022 release, but it has been delayed until for January 13th, 2022 as a makegood players can get a complimentary taste by downloading Sucker for Love: Prelude for free on December 15th on Steam.

Sucker for Love: First Date screens:

Sucker for Love: First Date Trailer:

Sucker for Love: First Date Trailer

Trailer Sucker for Love: First Date, wishlist now on steam: