Flexispot Kana Pro Standing Desk review

Platform: Furniture
Brand: Flexispot

It?s been roughly two and a half years since I?ve been involuntarily separated from my last corporate job. While there are things I?ve missed dearly, such as my above median salary, free lunches, coke freestyle machines?and I guess my old coworkers, there?s one thing I can?t say I thought about in a while, the standing desk. I?m rarely stubborn when it comes to change, but the notion of standing while I work seemed so foreign, it?s antithetical to the white collar work I was supposedly doing. Well two years of work from home can change a person, so when the folks at Flexispot reached out and offered a review unit of their Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk to us, I stood up at the opportunity.

The first thing I?ll say about the desk is how it?s shipped. Since you have multiple desktop size options to choose from(I opted for 55? x 28?), Flexispot opted to ship the top and the frame separately. For whatever reason this oddly impressed me on a logistical level. Imagine forgoing the all in one packaging and opting to be a tad more modular approach, just think of how much space they are saving in their warehouses. Opening the frame I marveled at how nicely packed all the pieces are, with a particular attention to the screw packaging. Having assembled a dinette set a few weeks earlier, the screws of the Flexispot frame were separated into individual sections of a plastic bandolier as opposed to sloshing around in a singular bag. Installation was nice and simple, clocking in around 45 minutes and the only non-provided tool was a Phillips head screwdriver needed to affix the top to the frame. While the desk was rather weighty, the frame?s legs included plastic discs which made moving it a breeze and prevented any scratching on my wood floors.

Once the assembly was complete, the next part was actually using the desk and I have to say it?s an extremely nice desk. The bamboo top feels extremely solid and smooth to the touch, it resisted staining even when I placed cups without using coasters. The desk can support up to 275lb load which means I can put older CRTs on it and raise and lower it with ease. The volume of the motor when the desk is being adjusted is well below the range which would be extremely disruptive in an office environment. The control panel offers 4 separate setting save slots so you can get to your preferred height with a single tap and perhaps the panel?s biggest selling point is that it features a USB charging port (cause frankly you can never have enough of those). Most of the desk?s wiring is hidden in a support rail, allowing for a snag free environment. However the base package offers no wire management for anything you would place on it, but it can be rectified with the numerous optional add-ons Flexispot offers.

While it?s unlikely I?ll be standing to do my day to day tasks, I will consider standing up during any Zoom calls with clients to prevent myself from dozing off from boredom. It?ll also prompt me to break out the keyboard and practice more so my quest to become King of Synthwave can become a reality(Look we all have picked up frivolous hobbies during the pandemic?). I can finally justify buying one of those countertop arcade replicas and still replicate the arcade feeling by raising the desk to a preferable height. So thanks to the Flexispot Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk (check it out here: https://www.flexispot.com/kana-pro-bamboo-standing-desk-ec8) for making that and many other possibilities a reality and giving my home office space a much needed change.

Note: Flexispot provided us with a Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk for review purposes.