Unboxing the Shin Megami Tensei V Press Kit

As the latest Shin Megami Tensei title hits stores, Atlus was kind enough to send influencers and members of the press this two box care package to help promote the title. As one of the few to receive this box, I?d like to share with you the contents of the care package. Both boxes are adorned with art from the game, the smaller box features key art from the game and the larger box shows a scene where winged demons are descending on the protagonist (possibly early game before he becomes the Nahobino).

The back of the boxes are pitch black with the logo of the game centered and the phrases “Welcome to Da?at” and “Attain Godhood”.

Once opened we are treated to the sight of the following goods

  • Nahobino Eyes Sleep Mask – Rest is important, but with danger everywhere you have to be on guard at all times. Thanks to this sleep mask you can ward off predators as they gaze into the cold calculating eyes of the Nahobino!
  • Amanozako Pin – A demon who is making her debut in this entry, she?s described as the goddess of rebellion and joins the protagonist on his journey after seeing him wander aimlessly in Da?at
  • Nahobino Blue Shawl – Not everyone can have the luscious blue locks of the Nahobino, but with this deep blue shawl, you can pretend to have it or you can also drape it onto your shoulders to keep yourself warm, either option is fine!
  • Jouin Academy Emblem Pin – Seen on the collar of the protagonist?s uniform, it?s the logo of the school which he and his friends attend during the events of the game. Why is it a lizard lying on the star…that?s anyone?s guess.
  • Magic Sand – Yes, it?s coarse and it gets everywhere…but surely this red-orange sand-like substance should be different since it comes from the mysterious realm of Da?at. As much as I was tempted to find out, I held off.
  • Shin Megami Tensei Notebook – Styled after the book the protagonist is holding in various trailers and art (it?s supposed to be the 5th volume of the Man’y?sh?, a collection of japanese poetry), this blank notebook will be helpful to jot down demon likes and dislikes as you build the strongest party to ensure your survival the harsh realm of Da?at.

At current time the title is a very positive 86 on Metacritic and Dustin on our site has given it positive marks. Shin Megami Tensei V is looking to take the world by storm and hopefully help the series step out of the shadow of Persona in the West.

The game is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch and can be purchased physically as well as digitally.