Luke, announce the games… at Thunderful World

In a move that I would describe as something Devolver Digital would pull, Thunderful Games managed to secure renowned voice actor (and the star of some space conflict movies) Mark Hamill to host their digital showcase dubbed Thunderful World. Thunderful Games for those who aren?t aware is a Sweden-based indie publishing house whose releases includes the Steamworld series, Lonely Mountain Downhill and Just Say No!. Aside from the bold choice of host, the showcase started with a very bold reveal…a third person action title that?s Stadia (it?s still a thing?!?) first. Wavetale has you controlling Sigrid, a young girl who yearns for something more than the life she leads in Strandville. Armed with a net, and the ability to walk on water, she?s about to go on an adventure that will definitely broaden her horizons. Wavetale is available today on the Stadia for $29.99 or free for Stadia Pro users and will make it to shore on PC and console in 2022.

Restore harmony to a world disturbed by robotic invaders in Planet of Lana, a beautifully hand painted puzzle adventure title. You?re Lana, a young girl who has to rescue her sister from robotic invaders, but she won?t have to do it alone as she befriends a small creature named ?Mui? (that?s how Hamill pronounced it and it seems no one has actually written it down on the internet so far…and I?ve got deadlines so I didn?t reach out to the devs.) who will aid her in this quest. Coming exclusively to PC and Xbox, Planet of Lana: An off-earth odyssey is set to disembark in 2022.

On the eve of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a young woman travels into an alternate dimension to search for her missing colleague in Industria. Who is Walter and why do you need to find him? Traverse an alternate reality where the environments alternate between eastern european, industrial chic and gun down robotic enemies as you search for this man who clearly is more important than we think. Industria is available now on PC and will arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2022.

In this quick bite, Tommy Refenes of Team Meat cameos as a live action Dr. Fetus as Super Meat Boy Forever is announced for mobile platforms. This announcement is somewhat ironic given the project actually started as a mobile title, but then pivoted to being a console game. No timeframe or price was announced but surely it will be cheaper than it?s console brethren.

You?re one stroke from golfing glory, however a freak accident ends your life and you find yourself in golf purgatory. All you need to do is play 18 holes and you can return to life, simple right? That?s the premise of Chuahi Labs? golf-like Cursed to Golf. 18 dungeons, 4 biomes stand in your way from returning to the land of the living. Buy ace cards and learn abilities from 3 corporeal caddies as you?ll need all the advantages you can get to survive the devilish back half. Cursed to Golf will be coming soon to PC and Nintendo Switch.

It?s montage time as we speed through the announcement of several titles in a quickfire segment midway through the presentation. Laika: Age Through Blood is the Motocross Maniacs/Castlevania mashup I never knew I needed. Hell Pie is a 3D person action title where you swing a captured cherub to collect ingredients to make Satan?s birthday pie. Find out why there has been a sudden uptick of fires in Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue! Crowns and Pawns has you solving a grand mystery after you received an inheritance from your grandfather in this point and click adventure from developer Tag of Joy. Ever wanted to dodge lasers and bombs with a speedboat, if you nodded yes, Swordship is the game for you! Create your own adventures and invite your friends in Tinkertown, a top down pixelated sandbox title. AI machine learning and procedural generation are the source of madness in…Source of Madness a dark action roguelike set in a Lovecraftian world.

Climb the social ladder and escape your wretched fate in White Shadows. Set in after The Great War, humanity has become half human half animal hybrids living a series of towers. Predators wield power and prey on the weak. You?re a little raven girl who will traverse the cities to find an escape to a mythical place called Tin Town, where the last bastion of humanity lives free. The smokey black and white visuals really give this title a 1920s film feel. Escape the White City when White Shadows releases on PC, Xbox Series X and PS5 on December 7th 2021.

This next title makes the audacious claim on it?s steam page ?A game unlike anything you’ve ever seen! A combination between something completely new, and totally familiar?. Well they?re certainly not wrong as Togges definitely invokes one part Katamari Damacy and one part Boxboy!. Stack boxes, collect things, help a ?King President? stave off the void. It?s certainly quite a surreal game with quite the sense of humor, in fact it?s projected release date on steam is set to ?When the universe is dominated?.

Originally debuting on a Microsoft showcase it made sense that Corporate Vice President at Xbox Sarah Bond would show up to get us reacquainted with The Gunk. In the course of trying to find riches in unexplored space, Rani finds herself on a planet covered in a mysterious and titular gunk. The decision to clear up the gunk will be a boon for the planet but will put a severe strain on Rani?s relationship with her partner Beck. Can these two keep it together and clear all the Gunk, find out exclusively on Xbox Series X and PC, December.

Thunderful?s greatest game is setting a title with quite lofty expectations, which makes sense this title is the last announcement for this presentation. Steamworld: Headhunter is the head that wears this crown? Besides a teaser trailer, not much is known about this title besides it?s connection to the Steamworld IP. The only thing I?m feeling is Steamworld is doing quite an Oddworld pivot and it?ll be interesting to see where this next title is heading.


This concludes Thunderful World, a showcase which perplexed me upon it?s announcement, but they certainly showed they had enough titles to justify their own showcase. They also managed to do the impossible, forcing me to log into Stadia to check out Wavetale and I certainly can?t wait to see more regarding Cursed to Golf, Laika: Age Through Blood, Swordshop and among some others. So were there any highlights for you or did you feel you lost 25 minutes of your life. What unexpected star will host the next installment of Thunderful World, so many things to ponder…