Know your Kung Fu in this new Sifu featurette

We all know Sloclap, developer of Absolver knows how to program combat and it seems they?re not afraid to collaborate. In a new behind the scenes video, we are introduced to Sifu Benjamin Colussi, a collaborator on Sloclap?s upcoming title, Sifu. The French master of Pak Mei not only worked on combat choreography, but as the Sloclap team?s need to be accurate intensified, he even acted as a Feng Shui consultant for some of the game?s environments.

The video showcased how Colussi?s blinding movements will be translated into the game and tallies that the player character will have more than 200 moves at his disposal. Knowing the dedication the team has put into developing this title, I hope I won?t prematurely age too much as we slowly march towards the hopefully finalized February 22nd 2022 release date. Sifu will be available on PlayStation platforms as well as PC via the Epic Games Store.

Sifu | Behind The Scenes | Kung Fu & Motion Capture feat. Benjamin Colussi | PC, PS4 & PS5:

Sifu | Behind The Scenes | Kung Fu & Motion Capture feat. Benjamin Colussi | PC, PS4 & PS5

Take a peek into Sifu’s development and our team’s collaboration with Benjamin Colussi, Kung Fu master and founder of the Lao Wei San – Pak Mei School in Paris. Combat design workshops, motion-capture sessions, cultural authenticity reviews: we want in Sifu to blend both expertise and creativity to offer an explosive and unique Kung Fu experience.

Do you have what it takes to know Kung Fu?
Embark on your path of revenge on the 22nd of February 2022 on PS4 & PS5.