Space Invaders Invincible Collection review for Nintendo Switch

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: ININ Games
Developer: Taito
Medium: Digital/Cart
Players: 1-4
Online: No

Earlier this year I reviewed Space Invaders Forever, and I was not too impressed with what I played. It was a collection of some of the more obscure Space Invaders titles that released on PC and mobile over the last few years. What it did not have was the original games, none of them, and this was a deal breaker for some players, including me. Now ININ Games and Taito are back to try again with The Invincible Collection, and this time they may have got it right.

This is truly an extremely well packed collection when compared to “Forever”. Space Invaders Extreme and Gigamax 4 SE are carried over from the previous release (read my Space Invaders Forever review for more info on those, here), but joining those we have the original game from 1978, in original black and white, or color. Space Invaders Part II (color only) is here along with two other related games that use the same game engine, Lunar Rescue and Space Cyclone. These two games change up the game play in many ways from Space Invaders.

In Lunar Rescue, you have to rescue stranded beings on the surface of the moon while trying to dodge the aliens trying to stop you. It’s fun and gets extremely challenging the longer you play. Space Cyclone is a shooter similar to Galaga, but still maintaining the Space Invaders feel. Aliens are trying to land on the planet and build a mega weapon they can use against you. You need to blast them before that can happen. While trying to stop the landing aliens, you need to be careful of UFOs hovering overhead that can wipe you out with a giant laser. It’s crazy, off the wall fun and really stays that way for a long while. It even has a hint of some voice samples here and there.

Rounding out the collection we have a few early revival invader games with The Majestic Twelve and Super Space Invaders ’91. These were an early attempt to bring back those pesky pixel aliens by adding new weapons and levels, all the while maintaining the classic gameplay of the original. Invaders 91 and Majestic Twelve are largely the same but with different levels and some subtle comedy levels found in 91, like having to protect cows from being abducted by UFOs. Both games are different enough to warrant their inclusion in this collection and both are super fun to get into. Once last title included is called Space Invaders DX, a sort of remake of the original with added gameplay elements.

If you play the original game, you can select black and white, color, or the original stand up cabinet screen with the background artwork. DX is the only way you can see the background of the original machine as the other games included do not have the option to enable the background. There is also a VS mode where you compete for score with a second player, and a Parody Mode where you fight against goofy versions of the invaders.

Every classic game included here is using the original arcade ROM files so you will get authentic gameplay, graphics and sound. Playing these again really took me back to the days of the arcade. It makes me wonder why Taito wasted time with releasing Space Invaders Forever when this one contains everything from that plus more. Well, I’m certainly glad this collection exists, as I love being able to show off these classic titles to all the new and upcoming gamers out there.

Space Invaders Invincible Collection is definitely worth your time even if you never heard of the games included before. Their simple concept and gameplay is suitable for every type of gamer out there, even the hardcore ones. Forget what was released before, this is a fantastic collection of great games that should not be missed by fans and newcomers alike. Pick this one up if you can, highly recommended!

ININ Games provided us with a Space Invaders Invincible Collection Switch code for review purposes.

Grade: A