RepliCade adds Q*bert to their 1/6 scale arcade replica line

New Wave, a company who has had multiple products land on Gaming Age?s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide has announced another product which might be a perfect item for your space conscious arcade loving acquaintances. Q*bert X RepliCade is the newest entry in their ? scale arcade line whose previous releases included arcade classics like Dragon?s Lair, Centipede and Arkanoid. Featuring 2 versions of Q*bert (the original and an unreleased sequel), you can play it on the RepliCade’s built-in 4:3 LCD screen or hook it up to any modern display.

This release comes in two editions, a standard one which will retail for $129.99 and a Warren Davis edition which will go for $149.99. The latter edition?s cabinet seeks to replicate the prototype cabinet that did not see wide release.

Currently New Wave is taking pre-order for any interested parties on their website and it looks like the window will close around the end of July.

Q*bert X RepliCade product shots:

Today, New Wave has revealed that the next classic game in its line of premium miniature arcade cabinets is none other than Q*bert. Q*bert X RepliCade is a faithful 1/6-scale arcade cabinet recreation capturing the essence of the Gottleib’s 1982 sensation, from its diagonally mounted four-way joystick to a fully-functional mini knocker coil that thumps when Q*bert falls off the pyramid. The fully-playable collectible is now available on for the limited-time pre-order price of $129.99. Collectors can also pre-order a special Q*bert X RepliCade: Warren Davis Edition for $149.99, a limited-edition premium version that recreates the game designer?s personal prototype cabinet.

Both versions of the mini reproduction have been crafted with the meticulous attention to detail that New Wave consistently delivers. Players can experience the challenge of Warren Davis’ default gameplay settings or dive into the DIP switches and adjust the game to their liking. For those who are looking for an even tougher Q*bert experience, the mini cabinet also plays the previously unreleased sequel, Faster Harder More Challenging Q*bert.

Arcade lovers can enjoy the game on the RepliCade?s vertically-oriented 4:3 aspect ratio LCD or connect the cabinet to an HD television for big-screen, plug-and-play thrills. Either way, it’s the same Q*bert action that helped make the character an ’80s arcade legend.

The Warren Davis Edition includes additional cabinet detailing, including simulated wear and tear, a Gottlieb raised letter coin door, and an exclusive mini decal set.

Pre-orders for both editions are now live at and estimated to ship in Q4 2021.

Key features:

  • Replica Q*bert arcade machine in 1/6-scale
  • Plays the original Q*bert arcade ROM and Warren Davis?s previously unreleased sequel Faster Harder More Challenging Q*bert
  • Fully functional knocker coil
  • Arcade operator?s menu with customizable DIP switch and operational test mode
  • Miniaturized control panel featuring reproduction ball-top joystick and buttons
  • Plug-and-Play HDTV connectivity
  • Cabinet constructed from traditional materials including wood, metal, and plastic
  • Illuminated marquee and cabinet accents
  • RepliCade signature amplified mono audio reproduction with volume control
  • High-resolution cabinet art reproduction on quality 3M vinyl overlays
  • Diecast metal coin doors with storage compartments
  • High score saving with non-volatile memory
  • Built-in, high-capacity rechargeable battery
  • Premium LCD color screen 4:3 aspect ratio (vertical orientation)
  • Officially licensed Gottlieb branding

Warren Davis Edition — includes everything mentioned above in addition to:

  • Q*bert?s gibberish Marquee
  • Preproduction side panel, bezel, and CPO artwork
  • Gottlieb raised letter coin door
  • Replica mini decal set
  • Mini decal set
  • Limited edition

Released in 1982 by Gottleib, Q*bert quickly became an arcade sensation. Players were drawn to the titular character and its unusual gameplay, which had players bounding around a pyramid of cubes to change each block’s color. All the while, Q*bert was chased by enemies including Coily the snake. The character’s oddball personality — supplemented by nonsensical synthesized audio “swearing” — made him a natural fit for lunchboxes, clothing, and even a starring role on CBS’  Saturday Supercade animated series. Decades later, he appeared in cameos in films including Pixels and Wreck-It Ralph.

New Wave Toys is dedicated to recreating the authentic arcade experience with its line of premium collectibles, all of which replicate the features and vintage feel of the arcade machines we grew up with, in consumer-friendly 1/6-scale. Q*bert X RepliCade follows previously released cabinets including Asteroids X RepliCade, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition X RepliCade, Tempest X RepliCade, Centipede X RepliCade, and Dragon?s Lair X RepliCade.

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