Rain on Your Parade! DLC announced

While our reviewer found the humor to be a bit forced, the forecast on Unbound Creations? Rain on Your Parade was generally positive. It seems Matthew will have reasons to return to the title as the devs announced their intentions to release DLC for the comedic precipitation simulator.

In a trailer with comedy elements which will make Matthew (sorry buddy, last time I?m gonna mention you in this news post) wince, it?s revealed this DLC will bring more levels, more powers, more hats and more surprises. More is always better, but there is no price point or date set, so for the fastest means of getting this info, it?s recommended to sign up for the game?s newsletter at https://www.jerkcloud.com.

Rain on Your Parade: DLC Announcement:

Rain on Your Parade: DLC Announcement

We’re making a DLC for Rain on Your Parade! Check out the teaser video and join our newsletter for more updates: http://unboundcreations.com/games/rain-on-your-parade/rain-on-your-parade-newsletter-signup/