Genshin Impact debuts on Epic Game Store on June 9th

PC gamers are finally going to get the choice of where they can acquire Mihoyo?s free to play action RPG. For players who refuse to line the pockets of Gabe Newell and Co., they can now line the pockets of Tim Sweeney and co instead!  As of June 9th, coinciding with the release of the game?s 1.6 update, Genshin Impact will be available on Epic Game?s Epic Game Store. This further helps turn the tide that the storefront is nothing more than a Fortnite launcher or the place where you can get a free indie or old AAA game every two weeks.

Players of the Epic Game Store version of the title will be able to take their player and progress to the Steam, iOS and Android versions of the title. To celebrate this launch, players can enter this code “GenshinEpic” in their game on June 9th for an in-game bonus. The game?s listing is up as of yesterday and players who would like to be reminded when the title goes live can wishlist the title from the following link: