Green Hell review for Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One

Platform: Switch
Also on: PS4, PC, Xbox One
Publisher: Forever Entertainment
Developer: Creepy Jar
Medium: Digital/Disc
Players: 1
Online: No

Given that I?m absolutely terrible at survival games, you might think that I would?ve hated Green Hell. I mean, it?s a game where you?re left all alone in the Amazon, with nothing but a few amenities to help you survive. Pretty much everything is trying to kill you. If that?s not the definition of a survival game, I don?t know what is ? and yet, I didn?t dislike it.

Mind you, this may have been because after I died a bunch, I played the game on ?Tourist? mode, which removes all the danger and pretty much goes against everything the game stands for. But still, speaking as someone who usually finds these games inaccessibly difficult, I appreciated that Green Hell can also be played as a no-stakes camping sim.

Of course, for all the non-wimps out there, there?s a lot in Green Hell to enjoy as well. It doesn?t hold your hand very much, so even when it explicitly tells you what to do, it?s still on you to figure it out, for the most part. I mean, even when it tells you to build a fire, it still only gives you rough instructions, rather than systematically walking you through each step.

And, obviously, the game only gets tougher from there. You need to craft your supplies, find food, and build shelter, all while everything wants to kill you. As long as you aren?t playing on the easiest modes, it?s going to challenge you.

Which, for fans of survival games, is pretty much all you can ask for. Green Hell isn?t for the faint of heart (unless you want it to be!), but it you?re after a game that?ll put you through your paces, it?ll do the trick.

Forever Entertainment provided us with a Green Hell Switch code for review purposes.

Grade: B