DOOM 3: VR Edition blasting onto PlayStation VR

And out of nowhere, revealed during Sony’s PS VR spotlight event earlier today, comes a VR version of the several year old console DOOM release, DOOM 3.

Titled appropriately DOOM 3: VR Edition, the new PlayStation VR game is the full content-complete game (including the Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission DLC)… totally playable in VR.

Definitely check out the trailer to see sorta what the game will look like along with some 2D screens and game details as well.

DOOM 3: VR Edition – Announce Teaser Trailer | PS VR:

DOOM3 VR Edition - Announce Teaser Trailer | PS VR

DOOM 3: VR Edition screens:

DOOM 3: VR Edition transforms id Software?s critically acclaimed action-horror shooter into a white-knuckle VR experience, immersing players in a terrifying world where Hell lurks around every corner.

A demonic invasion has overwhelmed the Union Aerospace Corporation?s Martian research facility, leaving horror and death in its wake. You are one of the few survivors, a marine with access to an arsenal of weapons. Fight your way through the darkened, claustrophobic corridors of the research facility and into Hell itself to stop the invasion from reaching Earth.

DOOM 3: VR Edition also includes both expansions ? Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission. In The Lost Mission you are the sole survivor of Bravo Team, tasked with destroying a teleportation relay located deep inside Hell capable of sending an army of demons to Earth. Resurrection of Evil takes place two years after the events of DOOM 3 — you must recover an ancient artifact able to open a portal to Hell and destroy it before the Maledict can use it to exterminate humanity.