Resident Evil Showcase January 2021 Recap

Since our resident Resident Evil fan is too busy making bleep bloop music or fawning over our current president, it is upon me as someone who knows the Resident Evil series to recap the news from Capcom?s digital showcase for all things Resident Evil as we celebrate the series? 25 years of existence.

Hosted by What?s Good Games? Brittney Brombacher (who eschews her BlondeNerd moniker) this showcase starts off with a Resident Evil Village trailer showing that RE7 protagonist Ethan Winters is exploring a castle to find his kidnapped daughter. The tall vampire lady whose existence was revealed last week and has swept the internet by storm is doing an exposition dump with a ?Mother Miranda? on an old timey rotary phone. The visuals shown are absolutely jaw dropping and I?m sure I will need to do some wikipedia diving to figure out this connects to the zombies of earlier games, but I?m sure I?ll get right to it.

Once the trailer is completed we are joined by producer Pete Fabiano who provides some additional details to the game. The first item will invoke terror to those who believe in generations as Resident Evil Village will be released on the previous generation of consoles. However for these purchasers their purchase will be futureproofed as buying these versions will guarantee an upgrade to the current gen version which they actually can find a console without paying scalper prices. Next is the release date which will be May 7th 2021 and with that out of the way here?s the various pre-orders available now, this includes a digital deluxe version, a physical collector?s edition and a bundle which puts the two Ethan Winters RE games in one package. Pre-order bonuses include in-game goods and for those who lock in their purchases on the PlayStation Store the mini-soundtrack.

The first look footage reveals some key details, such as the continued use of the first person perspective, the ability to block enemy attacks, an inventory system that is similar to the one found in Resident Evil 4. The biggest reveal in terms of girth would be The Duke, a rotund salesman who will help Ethan for a price. Players who want an immediate look at the world of Resident Evil Village are in luck as a PS5 exclusive demo named ?Maiden? is available as we speak. Unlike most demos which feature a vertical slice of the game this one features a female character called the maiden, who has no combat ability as she escapes her captors. Those without a PS5 will not need to fret as demos on other platforms will be released sometime in spring.

With the Resident Evil Village content out of the way, the focus is shifted to the 25th Anniversary of the series and the various planned events and releases which will occur. The first is RE:Verse a multiplayer title which will feature characters from throughout the series which will be free to anyone who owns Resident Evil Village. The next item is a cosmetic collaboration with Ubisoft?s Tom Clancy?s The Division 2 and finally an update on Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a CG film which will debut on Netflix in 2021.

All and all a pretty impactful content for Resident Evil fans and the lapsed The Division 2 player in me. The biggest question for me is will Resident Evil Village include the ability to play exclusively in VR as Resident Evil 7 did or has Capcom?s experiment with VR ended with only 1 major implementation? I?m sure someone on our staff will be picking up a Collector?s edition, what SKU will you, the reader be getting?

See screens and trailers for both titles below, along with Capcom’s official announcement.

Resident Evil Village – 3rd Trailer:

Resident Evil Village - 3rd Trailer

Resident Evil Village screens/art:

Resident Evil Re:Verse – Teaser Trailer:

Resident Evil Re:Verse - Teaser Trailer

Resident Evil Re:Verse screens:

In today?s Resident Evil Showcase digital program, Capcom unveiled key details about its highly anticipated survival horror title Resident Evil Village, the eighth main entry in the genre-defining Resident Evil franchise. Capcom confirmed Resident Evil Village will be available worldwide May 7, 2021 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Steam, alongside the newly revealed PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platform options. Resident Evil Village will be eligible to upgrade from PlayStation 4 to the digital PlayStation 5 version and will support Smart Delivery for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles. New details were also shared with the first extended gameplay footage showcase, along with the announcement of the multiplayer Resident Evil Re:Verse game to celebrate the franchise?s 25th anniversary. Starting today, pre-orders kick off and PlayStation 5 owners can get a sneak peek of the mysterious, beautiful Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village with the stand-alone Maiden demo.

Resident Evil Village continues the story of Ethan Winters, first set in motion in Resident Evil 7 biohazard. The latest entry combines pulse-pounding action with signature survival horror gameplay synonymous with the Resident Evil series. In today?s first extensive look at gameplay, the development team revealed several new details including some features which harken back to fan-favorite elements from previous Resident Evil games. Protagonist Ethan will now be able to purchase and sell items, buy recipes for crafting, and customize weapons with a merchant dubbed ?The Duke.? Using materials found throughout the game, he will be able to craft invaluable consumables needed to survive the terrors of the village. Utilizing these provisions will also involve more strategic planning, with a revised inventory system based on space management that may be familiar to series fans.

The diverse cast of enemies appearing in today?s digital program are just a few revealed from Resident Evil Village so far. Ethan will face off against many threats such as fast-moving creatures that relentlessly stalk him and Lady Dimitrescu?s mysterious daughters who can transform into swarms of insects. The game?s disparate lineup of adversaries will have their own distinctive ways of attacking, so players will need to adapt their strategies with quick decisions on when to attack, guard or flee in order to survive. Ethan has a new kick move in his arsenal to create distance from enemies and buy precious time to decide his next move.

Starting today, PlayStation 5 owners can get an exclusive sneak peek of the castle area from Resident Evil Village with the Maiden demo. This stand-alone experience is separate, but showcases the stunning visuals and 3D Audio that await in the main game. As the Maiden, players will need to rely solely on their wits to make their escape in this tension-filled demo, as they?ll have no way to fight or defend themselves. A separate new demo for all platforms will be available later this spring.

In celebration of the Resident Evil franchise?s 25th anniversary, which kicks off in March 2021, Capcom announced Resident Evil Village will include access to a free multiplayer experience titled Resident Evil Re:Verse coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S players can access the game through backwards compatibility. This thank you bonus to fans features striking comic-style visuals and sets popular Resident Evil characters against each other in four to six-player deathmatch battles in iconic Resident Evil locations. Players can choose from a fan-favorite roster, each with their own unique skillsets to master. When players are defeated in combat, their character respawns by mutating into a bioweapon to enact revenge on their foes. More information on Resident Evil Re:Verse will be shared at a later time.

Pre-orders for Resident Evil Village start today, with options for digital and physical Standard and Deluxe Editions and a physical Collector?s Edition. The Deluxe Edition includes the base game and a digital ?Trauma Pack,? which consists of additional in-game content including a Samurai Edge weapon, Resident Evil 7 biohazard inspired found footage screen filter and tape recorder save point options, immediate access to an especially challenging difficulty setting, and more. The physical Collector?s Edition includes the digital Deluxe Edition content plus a striking statue of franchise veteran Chris Redfield, a SteelBook case, art book, and a cloth map of the village with key art printed on the reverse side.