AEW Games 2.Show Recap

Originally scheduled for December 30th 2020, this check-in with the progress of AEW Games? offerings was delayed due to the sudden passing of wrestling Jon ?Brodie Lee? Huber. In lieu of distracting from the memorial show that was done in Mr. Huber?s honor, the 2nd edition of AEW Games? show was delayed a week to January 6th 2021 and if the content of this episode was any indicator, perhaps a longer delay would have been more prudent.

This particular episode is hosted by current AEW Champion Kenny Omega as he is sitting on a couch with presents and a centerpiece that featured a Nintendo 64 with a copy of THQ?s final wrestling game on that platform No Mercy inserted in the cartridge slot (with the wrestling company?s logo obscured with electrical tape). AEW wrestler Kip Sabian appears in this video as a vector to get Kenny to answer the top 5 frequently asked questions about the console game by AEW fans.

Unfortunately due to the fact that it is still early in development the answers are somewhat unsatisfying, however there were some interesting breadcrumbs Omega dropped, such as the game will not only feature male and female wrestlers, but possibly managers and even commentators. In regards to online play, crossplay is being discussed, so the console wars might not factor in how you can play with friends remotely. The style of the console game can?t be pigeonholed as arcadey or simulation as AEW to incorporate the best of both worlds. The segment ends with Omega revealing what type of work was done to get in contact with and convince Hideyuki Iwashita (The director of the N64 wrestling titles which were developed by AKI) to get on board with AEW?s inaugural console title.

Omega then introduces a video package which discusses the ?Gimmicks? feature for the GM Sim, Elite General Manager. An interesting note about the video package was that the developer of the title was revealed to be Crystalized Games, a Toronto based developer that released Relic Raiders a free-to-play, character-based arena fighter in early 2019. The ?Gimmick? acts as modifiers to the matches you?ll be making. Proficient usage of gimmicks will increase the star rating of the match they are applied to and lead to your success as a general manager. The final item of this video was that the AEW Casino game will be released within 60 days. Given that this video was delayed a week, does the 60 days end on Feb 28th or Mar 7th. Regardless, AEW fans will soon be able to ?gamble? with their favorite AEW stars which AEW Casino release…within 60 days.

While the transparency is appreciated, it seems having a monthly cadence might not be the best way to keep AEW fans abreast of the news regarding the company?s video game efforts. This episode felt scant in new details and with the casino game?s eminent release it seems there will be less to talk about unless work on the console game ramps up significantly. Needless to say when they finally step into the ring with their games, the ability to have a choice will be great for wrestling game fans everywhere. Let?s just hope that entrance is grand and not something akin to the Shockmaster?s disastrous debut.