New Super Lucky?s Tale review for Nintendo Switch

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Playful
Developer: Playful
Medium: Digital
Players: 1
Online: No

As a site, we probably haven?t given New Super Lucky?s Tale nearly enough love. The original Super Lucky?s Tale (itself an expansion of an Oculus Rift-only VR game called Lucky?s Tale) only got a brief mention here back when it was first released in 2017, while I started a review of New Super Lucky?s Tale a few months back, only to have personal stuff completely waylay me from finishing it.

Well no more: I?ve finally had time to get back to it, and I?m very pleased to say it?s one of the very best 3D platformers on the Switch.

Mind you, because I like New Super Lucky?s Tale so much, I?m having trouble pinpointing exactly what I love. To some extent, I think that speaks to how well the game is put together. Each world seems unique, each level within each world is well-designed, there?s enough variety that you don?t feel like you?re playing the same thing over and over again, the controls allow you to do exactly what the game asks of you…basically, the game does everything really well, and it feels like pulling out individual bits means that you run the risk of missing how it all fits together so smoothly.

For me, the thing that really drives home just how much I love New Super Lucky?s Tale is this: I?m not much of a completist when it comes to games. And yet, when it comes to this game, I felt compelled to get 100% on every level and in every world. Even when I could?ve moved on to the next level or next world, I still wanted to find every secret and every hidden object each level had to offer. To me, that?s a clear indication the game does a whole lot right.

And, of course, it helps that there?s so much variety. Most of the levels are straightforward 3D platforming worlds, but the game does a good job of mixing in 2D levels, as well as the odd top-down isometric level. All of them feel like they belong, and you never feel as though the game has crammed something in just to make it longer.

It all just feels right, is what I?m trying to say. Obviously, New Super Lucky?s Tale isn?t about to displace Mario when it comes to being the best 3D platformer the Switch has to offer — but with no word of exaggeration, I wouldn?t put this one too far behind it, either.

Playful provided us with a New Super Lucky?s Tale Switch code for review purposes.

Grade: A+