Xbox Games Store Update – FAR: Lone Sails, Borderlands: GOTY Edition, Royal Roads

xbox_logoThere’s a fairly understated Xbox Games Store Update this week thus far, with a number of smaller releases and the sorta surprise launch of Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition.

Otherwise there’s FAR: Lone Sails, Royal Roads, Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey, AngerForce:Reloaded, the game preview version of Trailmakers and a couple others.

There’s also this week’s Deals With Gold And Spotlight Sale. And as always, see all the latest and greatest releases here on the Xbox Games Store.

Modern Tales: Age of Invention (Xbox One Version)
Foil the plan for world domination!

Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey
An odyssey to the world below! Set out for in search of a missing girl and venture out in a fantasy action RPG!

Royal Roads
An exciting journey through a fairytale kingdom. Unite elves, gnomes and people to help turn the princess into a true queen!

Indie Puzzle Bundle Vol. 1
puzzle bundle

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition
Discover the co-op shooter-looter that started it all, crammed with content and enhancements! Equip bazillions of guns as one of four trigger-happy mercenaries, each with unique RPG skills. Take on the lawless desolate planet Pandora in pursuit of powerful alien technology: The Vault. With new weapons, visual upgrades, all 4 add-on packs and more, enjoy the highly acclaimed FPS/RPG solo or in 4-player split screen co-op!

Zaccaria Pinball
Zaccaria was founded by three brothers (Marino, Franco, & Natale) and was the 3rd largest manufacturer of pinball machines in the world (behind Bally & Williams). They had created and produced more than 35 different pinball machines between 1974 and 1987.

Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing
Become a Captain! Fly your ship and command your crew as you compete to become Champion in a winner-takes-all reality show. Build relationships and plot betrayals to avoid getting voted off the season and become the last captain standing.

FAR: Lone Sails
Traverse a dried-out seabed littered with the remains of a decaying civilization. Keep your unique vessel going, overcome numerous obstacles and withstand the hazardous weather conditions. How far can you make it? What will you find?

Paladins Future’s End Pack
Unlock a new Champion and five incredible skins at a great price!

Play as Atlas, the new Front Line Champion, and control the flow of time.

Plus you’ll also get these five Exclusive, Epic skins:
– Madame Seris
– Drakefire Tyra
– Kunoichi Skye
– Robo Force Ruckus
– Crime Fighter Sha Lin

AngerForce: Reloaded is an action-packed vertically scrolling shoot’em up game that pays homage to the classics of 90?s arcades. This high octane experience is set against the backdrop of a 19th century human world that has seen the outbreak of a robot rebellion.

Trailmakers (Game Preview)
Trailmakers is a racing game where you build your own vehicles out of blocks and race them by land, sea and air.