SEGA AGES Out Run review for Nintendo Switch

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: SEGA, M2
Medium: Digital
Players: 1
Online: Leaderboards

So here’s the latest from SEGA AGES for the Nintendo Switch with Out Run. Out run what? Probably the loans you’re defaulting on, or maybe the crazies in California who want their car back. Obviously your character has committed some kind of crime or else why would he be speeding across the country in such a hurry?

Okay enough with the dad jokes. We all know this is a classic arcade racer where your goal is to out run the clock and make it to the east coast to impress your girlfriend. And if you think that sounds easy then think again. Not only is time against you but so is traffic and terrain. Is everyone suddenly in a rush to buy real estate on the east coast!?

In true form this is another quality port from M2 so with that out of the way let’s see what this version brings to the table.

For starters the classic arcade game is here and represented very well. As you drive you are able to choose your way through the branching paths that appeared in the very first game, but there is also a second map that was included in the 3DS version. So is this basically just the 3DS game? Honestly I didn’t play that version but also I’d rather have a game like this at home on my beloved Switch.

One thing I do like is the ability to view replays of global player data. You can sort these by map version and destination, which I appreciate since it helps me learn from the best. Ever wonder how people manage to make it to the finish line? Well now you know you can drive off the track without losing too much speed. You can upload your own data for others to watch too if you’re proud of your skills.

Also typical of the AGES ports are display modes including a nice twist on the Vintage filter which places you in an arcade setting with a screen about as small as the 3DS in portable mode. Wow! But all kidding aside I do enjoy playing this game in the widescreen mode which is unusual for my taste in retro games.

The two modes also feature a 60fps frame rate in the New mode which is a smooth frame mode we saw all the way back on Saturn. Now call me crazy but I prefer the more classic frame rate which just feels more comfortable; but both are there if you prefer them. I guess it would be nice if you could specify the frame rate on each mode but they’re locked and that’s just how it seems to be.

Audio is great and also has some new tunes to listen to. That’s great but I’ll stick with Magical Sound Shower. I did notice that while you can play audio in the menu that it’s also more clear here. The game is doing some kind of processing for the tunes while racing which gives a more fitting and softer sound. And thank god you can still turn down the engine sound. I say turn down because even when I put the slider to have this sound off I could still faintly hear it with earbuds. Unless it’s just my imagination but if not then I wonder why it’s still present? A weird choice but it didn’t bother me in the long run.

The game also supports motion controls to mimic the arcade cabinet steering wheel and after trying this a couple times I definitely don’t think I needed this feature.

But to make a long story short I bet you already know what you’re getting here. M2’s pedigree and a port of a great arcade racer that has a really nice challenge for all ages. Well unless you’re getting too old like me in which case I’m glad for muscle memory. So if you thought it would be hard to screw up a port of Out Run then you’re right! Everything turned out just like you’d hope and it’s a great addition to retro games on the Switch.

Sega provided us with a SEGA AGES Out Run Switch code for review purposes.

Grade: A-