See the official trailer for Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 2 “The Pact”

Finally, the second episode of Telltale Games’ Batman: The Enemy Within is almost upon us, so today the studio dropped off an official trailer for Episode 2 “The Pact”.

It’s probably not too spoilery, but if you’d rather go into the new content with a completely slate, fans can do so on October 3rd, 2017 on all platforms, including iOS and Android.

See the trailer below!

Batman: The Enemy Within – EPISODE TWO TRAILER:

Batman: The Enemy Within - EPISODE TWO TRAILER

Today we are excited to share the official trailer for episode two of Batman: The Enemy Within, a new five-part episodic game series that continues Telltale’s unique take on the Caped Crusader. You can download the trailer by following the links above.

The death of a villain at the hands of a mysterious assassin was just the beginning. As explosions rock Gotham, Batman races to meet a new foe, but encounters a force that may cause even the Dark Knight to fall. In the guise of the billionaire, Bruce meets John Doe’s ‘friends’ and becomes enmeshed in a plot where the only way out is to go deeper in. But at what cost?

Episode two, ‘The Pact,’ launches October 3 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac. In addition, both episodes one *and* two will become available on iOS and Android-based devices that same day. Going forward, new episodes will launch the same day on all platforms.