Gaming-Age is partnering with Spil Games to bring one of you $20!

Operate Now: Hospital is a new game from Spil Games that is available right now on iOS and Android. Check out the trailer here.

Operate Now: Hospital – Game Trailer (Spil Games):

Operate Now: Hospital - Game Trailer (Spil Games)

Synopsis: Operate Now: Hospital, is a drama inspired medical journey, where you experience being a surgeon, building a medical team, and managing a hospital. In this realistic simulation game, your objective is to assemble a highly skilled medical team to perform operations on patients and to put your medical facility at the number one spot in the world. Scrubs and gloves at the ready!

Operate Now: Hospital is the ultimate hospital simulation game where players get a graphic insight into what it feels like to be a surgeon, while also managing the drama of a hospital to create a world class institution. Gaming-Age and Spil Games are partnering to bring on of you either a $20 gift card for iTunes or Google Play, depending on which phone platform you have chosen.

Operate Now: Hospital screens:

For a chance to win, take a screenshot of you playing Operate Now: Hospital with your phone and send it to with your name in the subject line. Also include in the email which phone platform you downloaded it on so we know what kind of gift card to send.

Entries will be accepted for the next week, with a winner to be chosen on June 1st at 1PM EDT. We will email the winner and also announce it on our weekly podcast, “Pressed for Time: A Gaming-Age Podcast“. You will also have the opportunity to come on and spend 10 minutes on the podcast with hosts Tyler and Benny to discuss the game if you win and would like to come on.

Operate Now: Hospital is available TODAY on iOS and Android. Check them out!

Check back soon for our winners.