Dishonored 2 live action trailer urges gamers to “Take Back What’s Yours”

Dishonored-2_logoTo be honest, live action videogame trailers are usually pretty hit or miss, but the brand new Dishonored 2 “Take Back What’s Yours” isn’t half bad. We guess.

Take a look at the video below and make sure to check out the game’s release on November 11th, 2016 (or a day earlier for those who pre-order it).  We enjoyed the original, so we have high hopes at the moment.

Dishonored 2 Live Action Trailer – Take Back What’s Yours:

We?ve just released a new live action trailer for Dishonored 2 ? ?Take Back What?s Yours?. When Delilah, a mad witch armed with powerful black magic, seizes the throne and the fate of your Empire hangs in the balance, how far will you go to hunt down your enemies –  and take back what?s yours?

You can check out the Dishonored 2 new live action trailer at:

Reprise your role as a supernatural assassin in Dishonored 2, the next chapter in the award-winning Dishonored saga by Arkane Studios, set to launch worldwide on November 11, 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. As either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano, travel beyond the legendary streets of Dunwall to Karnaca ? a once-dazzling coastal city that holds the key to restoring Emily to power. Armed with the mark of the Outsider and powerful new supernatural abilities, hunt down your enemies and forever alter the fate of the Empire.

Anyone who pre-orders Dishonored 2 will be able to play the game a day early before the official worldwide release in addition to receiving a free digital copy of Dishonored: Definitive Edition – the original critically-acclaimed game in the series, which won more than 100 ?Game of the Year? Awards, plus all of its add-on content.