Oculus Gear VR to support retro games in Oculus Arcade

While plenty of indie and mobile developers are custom-tailoring new games and experiences for the upcoming Gear VR, fans of traditional arcade games will find their favorite pastime returning with a virtual reality twist.

Oculus Arcade is a collection of classic games from Sega, Midway, and other 90’s giants which aims to give players something new while being completely familiar. Numbered at over 20 games in total, the screen below provides an example of what players will find:


Hosted in a virtual arcade, games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Pac-Man will be given an extra dimension of nostalgia in the Gear VR display “later this year,” likely in a timeframe coinciding with the launch of Gear VR this November. While this breathes life into many of our childhoods, there was no mention of finding gum under cabinet panels, or whether virtual parents would show up to drag players home at dinner time.


The Full Oculus Connect 2 keynote can be seen on the Oculus Twitch channel, with highlights from the official Oculus Connect 2 blog post.