Oculus Video expands with Netflix, Twitch, Facebook; Fox and Lionsgate films

Once known as Oculus Cinema, the virtual movie-going experience seems to have graduated from novelty to Oculus Video, a more fully-realized tool in viewing content.

Oculus Connect 2 announced partnerships with Lionsgate and Fox studios today, along with steaming services such as Twitch and Vimeo, where players will be able to enjoy their own virtual screening room of whatever piques their interest — from streamed games to feature films, and many things in between.


Facebook will support 360-degree videos, which were recently added to the social media site.


Netflix may be the real belle of the ball in this announcement, as it’s available today on the Gear VR. Those more curious about developing for the app can find a special piece featuring John Carmack on the Netflix website. Carmack offers a wealth of insight in developing for the platform, which has seen significant success in steaming video over the last few years.


Plans to introduce further streaming services via individual apps include partnerships with Hulu and Tivo. Oculus Video seems to be aimed at support on both the Gear VR and Oculus Rift.


The Full Oculus Connect 2 keynote can be seen on the Oculus Twitch channel, with highlights from the official Oculus Connect 2 blog post.