Oculus to launch retail product Consumer Gear VR at $99 in November

Announced at Oculus Connect 2, Samsung and the Oculus Mobile team have paired to make VR a little more accessible this holiday season.

Slated for a November launch in the United States, the Consumer Gear VR will launch at $99. Intended to be compatible with Samsung smartphones from 2015, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6 edge +, S6, and S6 edge, plans to expand in an additional 40 countries are to proceed soon after.

Peter Koo, SVP, Technology Strategy at Samsung - #3

This being the first consumer model of the Oculus hardware to premiere on any market includes a few changes, with a lack of positional tracking (due to the nature of smartphones and portability) and hardware just over 20% lighter than the previous Gear VR kits.

A lineup of software created by a litany of talented developers such as CCP games of is being prepped for the launch window, with a sizzle reel below:

The Full Oculus Connect 2 keynote can be seen on the Oculus Twitch channel, with highlights from the official Oculus Connect 2 blog post.