New Battlefield: Hardline beta details, screens

Battlefield-Hardline-artWhile EA and developer Visceral Games aren?t quite ready to announce a date for the upcoming Battlefield: Hardline Beta, today they?ve certainly shared some interesting information for those anticipating the beta.

The beta for Battlefield: Hardline will be made available for all platforms, so players on Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC will have a chance to check out what Visceral Games has been up to since the original beta ended in June of last year. That said, with information being shared on the EA blog today, we?ve got an idea of what to expect.

There will be two new maps and two modes available for the Beta. The first mode is new to Battlefield, dubbed Hotwire, and is stated to combine ?all-out warfare with all-out speed?, and is meant to give players a good idea of what Battlefield: Hardline?s action is all about. The second mode offers up more traditional, 64-player combat between cops and criminals via Conquest mode.

Also worth noting is that the beta will have no level cap, and EA is emphasizing that they want players to ?play this beta to death?. So if you?re looking to get your fill on a preview of the newest iteration of Battlefield, it looks as if you?ll be able to do just that. Hopefully we?ll hear when that will happen soon, and we?ll have more information for you here at Gaming Age as we learn it.

Battlefield: Hardline beta screens: