RESOGUN blasting onto PS3, PS Vita; Defenders DLC headed to PS4

Resogun defendersWith PS Vita and PS3 versions of the original game now official, and a brand new RESOGUN: Defenders DLC in development for the PS4, Housemarque is clearly not done with RESOGUN yet.

Climax is hard at work on porting the PS4 game over to the other PS platforms but obviously had to make a few concessions (decreased framerate, resolution) to get it to run on less powerful hardware. Either way, it’s looking pretty damn good so far, and those who own it on the PS4 can pick up the other versions for free when it launches on December 23rd since it’s a Cross-Buy title.

The developer also revealed the new RESOGUN: Defenders DLC for the PS4 version of the game which will bring a handful of new modes, ships and planets early next year for $4.99.

Check out media for both of the announcements below.


RESOGUN: Defenders: