Street Fighter V rising up exclusively on PS4 and PC

street fighter v logoWhile we were fast asleep last night, we kinda missed that Street Fighter V was unofficially revealed exclusively for the PS4 and PC. We’re not sure whether it was slated to debut on The Game Awards tonight or the PlayStation Experience event tomorrow, but either way, we’re pretty damn stoked for a new generation Street Fighter.

Unsurprisingly, SFV looks like a flashier version of Street Fighter IV, meaning the style hasn’t changed all that much. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look awesome in the leaked teaser trailer.  Now if only our Mad Catz FightStick TE were PS4 compatible…

Capcom has been yanking down the trailer as fast as it goes up on Youtube, but a few copies do still exist.

Stay tuned for the excitement hopefully beginning tonight!

Street Fighter V screens: (courtesy of VE3TRO from GAF)