Watch the Machinima “Wingman” app snap into action on the Xbox One

Machinima-Xbox-One-Start-ScreenMachinima and Microsoft this morning confirmed that a brand new Machinima app will launch alongside the Xbox One on November 22nd.

This new app will be snap enabled allowing Xbox One owners to easily launch it alongside the game that they are playing (via Kinect voice control), and in the case of certain games, they will feature even deeper “Machinima Wingman” integration. Dead Rising is one such example as you can see below, and launching it will bring up videos such as tutorials related to the game you are playing. Cool idea!

The app will also feature SmartGlass functionality to provide a second screen experience.

Machinima app on Xbox One with Wingman:
[youtube_sc url=”Mc_vUf1C8b8″ width=”600″]

Read on for the more details from Machinima below, or jump on over to the Xbox Wire site as well.

At Machinima, we’ve always enjoyed a shared vision with Xbox and we’re thrilled to participate in the “Week of Xbox Live.” Both of our communities are incredibly passionate about games and entertainment. Today, I’m excited to announce that Machinima will take our existing relationship with Xbox to the next level, with a new, highly integrated Xbox One experience that will launch on Nov. 22. This new and improved Machinima app will take advantage of the Xbox One platform capabilities to give gamers an unparalleled experience they can’t get anywhere else. With our Xbox 360 experience ranking as one of the most popular and highest performing apps on the platform, we are really excited about delivering even more compelling experiences with Xbox One.

Xbox, Snap Machinima!
One of the cool new capabilities of Xbox One is the ability to do two things at once, on the same screen. Xbox is calling this new feature “Snap,” and we are taking full advantage of it. With the new Xbox, you can say “Xbox, Snap Machinima” while playing a game and Machinima will launch on the right side of your TV screen. The ability to put both of these experiences on the same screen gives us the chance to do some really powerful things with your gaming experience. One of the first things “Xbox, Snap Machinima” will do is offer curated videos from our catalog based on the current game you’re playing. These videos will provide everything from game walk-throughs, game reviews, help videos and more. Additionally, we’ll offer an enhanced Snap experience, also known as “Machinima Wingman,” for a select number of Xbox One titles that will provide richer, custom-created and exclusive videos to complement gameplay experiences and offering everything from in-game help and tutorials to strategy videos.

Xbox One SmartGlass Integration
In addition to the Snap experiences, we’ll also launch an Xbox One SmartGlass experience, giving you a second-screen companion so you can keep your game full-screen on the TV and get a sidekick Machinima experience on your smartphone or tablet.

We’ll continue to roll out exciting updates and additions to our app on Xbox One. That’s one of the things we love about the Xbox Live platform – it allows us to continuously evolve our experience and build things for the fans. Stay tuned as we develop more for Machinima on Xbox One during the road to launch, Nov. 22.