Vanille joins the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII party

This morning, Square Enix revealed that yet another favorite FFXIII character will be making an appearance in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

As you may suspect, that would be Oerba Dia Vanille (or just Vanille), who has apparently awoken from a deep sleep with a special new power.

Square Enix also revealed the ?Outerworld service? online social component.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – Vanille, Outerworld service screens:

As Vanille opened her eyes from her long sleep, she realized she was given a special gift; she could hear the voices of the dead. Dubbed the ?saint,? Vanille now spends her days under the Order?s protection in Luxerion.

Additionally, a new online feature, ?Outerworld service? was announced today that allows players to submit snapshots, messages and battle scores via social media to share their exciting in-game experiences with other players.