Sony reveals Japanese PS4 release date, new PS Vita TV product and more

If you were still sleeping during Sony’s mysterious pre-TGS Japanese PlayStation conference last night, some very interesting, not to mention unexpected, announcements were made.

The first big reveal being a new, redesigned PS Vita 2000 with a slimmer, lighter form factor, a whole bunch of colors, an LCD screen (replacing the OLED screen), and 1GB of memory. They also revealed a new 64GB memory card, new pricing, several bundles, quite a few games and more. These new Vita systems and bundles were only announced for Japan and Asian regions at the moment.

We covered the announcement here, but make sure to check out the product page and the trailer for the new hardware.

PS Vita 2000 trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”fkVTNab0JTs” width=”600″]

Next up came an announcement of a PlayStation 4 release date for Japan. And as expected, it will not be coming until 2014… February 22nd to be more specific. The console will come bundled with a digital version of Knack for around $400 and will also be offered in a limited PS Camera bundle, also with Knack, for around $420. There are quite a few Japan-centric games revealed, and Capcom confirmed that Deep Down would be a PS4 exclusive.

The “just one more thing” moment came when Andrew House appeared on stage (speaking Japanese… who knew) and announced the brand new PS Vita TV. This new product looks like a tiny Apple TV-style PlayStation console which is attached to a TV via an HDMI connection and will play seemingly the full library of PS Vita titles, along with offering multimedia capabilities such as video streaming and music utilizing a DualShock 3 controller. The big feature is surely the fact that the PS Vita TV will allow users to remote play from their PS4 console, essentially giving you the ability to play the PS4 in other rooms on other displays within your own home. The PS Vita TV accepts PS Vita memory cards and card-based games, plays PS one, PSP and PS Vita games, can sync with DualShock 3 and DualShock 4 controllers, and even the PS Vita. Neat idea!

PS Vita TV was only announced for Japan and will cost only $95 a la carte, or $145 for the PS Vita TV, a DualShock 3 and an 8GB memory card. The product has only been announced for Japan at the moment with a November 14th release date. Check out the concept video of the PS Vita TV below.

PS Vita TV:

PS Vita TV trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”rG5l78gbvpU” width=”600″]
Take a look at the full 2 hours+ long conference below… and remember, the TGS is coming soon, so we expect even more announcements during Sony’s event.