Sony announces new PlayStation Vita colors, redesign for Japan

vita redesign colorsDuring this morning’s Sony Computer Entertainment Japan press conference, Sony surprised viewers with the announcement of a PlayStation Vita redesign that will hit Japanese store shelves sometime this year. The redesign promises to be slimmer and lighter, comes in six colors, and will feature a 5″ LCD screen, replacing the OLED design of the current models. Button placement, specifically start and select, also look different, but we’ll need a closer look to make sure.

vita redesign colors 1

Sony and company also spent some time showcasing upcoming Vita releases like a new Soul Sacrifice, Phantasy Star Online 2, Gundam Break and more. SEGA also unveiled that Tri-Ace still lives, with the announcement of Phantasy Star Nova. They announced a whole host of limited-edition PlayStation Vita bundles with a variety of games, including Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD.

Also announced is a higher capacity memory card for the Vita, with a new 64gb card available soon. Will we see any of this in the West? Hopefully we’ll find out more soon!