Killer is Dead screens show off killer battles, exotic Gigolo mode

Killer is Dead is most definitely looking pretty killer, and the combination of XSEED Games, Grasshopper Manufacture and Kadokawa Games seems to be working out nicely.

The latest batch of media highlights the intense and stylish battles, and touches on the, ahem, interesting sounding Gigolo mode.

Take a look.

Killer is Dead – Battle screens:

Killer is Dead – Gigolo mode screens:

Read on for additional details.

Recently previewed at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference, these new screenshots show the game’s protagonist, Mondo Zappa, doing battle with the sinister Victor, a power hungry villain who seeks to ‘cleanse’ the world by broadcasting sounds of malice from high atop his headquarters. Several of Mondo’s combat abilities, including his sword slash, guard, dodge and guard break are shown in the new screens. Additionally, scenes of the game’s “Gigolo Mode”, a side mode in which Mondo travels to various parts of the world to meet exotic women, are also showcased for the first time.

Killer is Dead is scheduled for an August 2013 release.

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