Killer is Dead screens are bossing us around

Killer is Dead is looking crazier and crazier every time XSEED Games releases a new batch of screens. Today we get a look at some of the adversaries and bosses that Mondo Zappa will encounter during his adventure.

Check ’em out.

Killer is Dead – Adversaries screens:

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A professional ‘Executioner’ whose job it is to rid the world of its most nefarious criminals, Mondo Zappa encounters all manner of violent adversaries in his global trek to fulfill the contracts assigned by his boss, Bryan. Amongst them are the theatrical Hamadayama, who confronts Mondo atop a menacing giant tiger, as well as the nimble Samurai, a swift robotic warrior who will put Mondo’s sword fighting skills to the ultimate test.

Killer is Dead is in development by Grasshopper Manufacture and Kadokawa Games and is scheduled for an August 2013 release.

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