PlayStation 4 shows off Unreal Engine 4

Elemental2013_0012At the onset of Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal this evening, a new Unreal Engine 4 tech demo was showcased, giving everyone in attendance a pretty good idea of what this new platform would be capable of, using what I’m sure will be one of the leading engines for next-gen software.

Check out a handful of screens displaying the new tech, and expect a video to be added in shortly. Also check out the official press release below.

Epic Games Demonstrates Unreal Engine 4 on the PlayStation?4 Computer Entertainment System

New Unreal Engine 4 ?Elemental? real-time demonstration presented

at PlayStation Meeting 2013

NEW YORK (February 20, 2013) ? Epic Games, Inc. today revealed a new version of its ?Elemental? real-time demonstration, the premier showcase for the studio?s breakthrough Unreal Engine 4 game engine technology, running on the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system at today?s PlayStation Meeting 2013.

?We are thrilled to build onto our long-established success with PlayStation,? said Tim Sweeney, Epic?s founder and chief executive officer. ?Unreal Engine 4 is expertly designed for the next generation of game development and the outstanding power of PlayStation 4. Today?s demonstration offers a preview of what developers can accomplish using our tools to create games for PlayStation 4.?

In the new presentation, a scene featuring the fiery mallet-wielding Elemental knight picks up where the original demo ends. Unreal Engine 4?s high-end rendering capabilities are evident, as dynamic lighting and shadowing bring intensity to contrasting volcanic and snowy vistas. Real-time reflections, subsurface scattering and GPU-powered particle effects fill the screen space with visual gems as a new ice behemoth cracks free from a frozen mountain and emerges with a radiant, frosty bellow.