Unreal Engine 4, SpeedTree now available for PS4 developers

unreal-engine-4A pair of big middleware/tool/engine developers today announced that their wares are now available for PlayStation 4 developers, and are being utilized already. Unreal Engine 4 and SpeedTree in this instance. So if you’re waiting for either of these and you’re a developer, here ya go.

Read on for the announcements from both companies.

SpeedTree for Games Supports Sony Computer Entertainment?s PlayStation 4

Software in Several New Console Titles

Several games under development for Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI)?s PlayStation 4 will feature SpeedTree for Games, and it was announced today that the game industry?s premier vegetation middleware fully supports the platform.

In an event February 20, SCEI set a launch timetable of the 2013 holidays for PlayStation 4.

?Now that SCEI has formally announced the new console, we are very pleased to reveal that we have been involved for some time,? said Chris King, CEO of SpeedTree developer Interactive Data Visualization, Inc. ?We also look forward to identifying PlayStation 4 titles when the time is right.?

?We are delighted with the architecture of SCEI’s next console,? added Mr. King. ?We look forward to helping our PlayStation 4 licensees bring their environments to life with the best vegetation tools in the industry, whether their objective is breathtaking fantasy or stunning realism.?


Epic Games? Unreal Engine 4 Available for Sony Computer Entertainment?s PlayStation 4

Epic Games, Inc. announced today Unreal Engine 4 is available for PlayStation 4. In addition to showcasing the new Unreal Engine 4 ?Elemental? demo running live and in real time on PlayStation 4 at the PlayStation Meeting 2013, Epic is providing the resources PlayStation 4 developers need to harness the full power of its Unreal Engine 4 technology and realize all facets of their creativity using Epic?s revolutionary new toolset now and in the future.

?Being on the ground floor of Sony Computer Entertainment’s Tools and Middleware program is part of our long-term commitment to Unreal Engine 4 developers, and we?re excited to help teams ship fantastic new games for PlayStation 4,? said Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic. ?Unreal Engine 4 has been built from the ground up to take full advantage of high-end next-generation hardware capabilities.?

For more information, visit http://www.unrealengine.com/unreal_engine_4/.