Xbox Live Arcade Update – Black Knight Sword, American Mensa Academy

xbla logoXbox 360 owners have a pair of very different XBLA titles to choose from today. First up is Suda 51’s crazy action platformer Black Knight Sword. For the brainier gamer, American Mensa Academy is available, and apparently it’s the only brain training game backed/endorsed by Mensa itself.

Read on for links to the games and more info

Black Knight Sword (800 Microsoft Points )
From the twisted and brilliant mind of Suda 51 comes Black Knight Sword, a platforming adventure with an unprecedented visual style. In this fresh take on the classic fairy tale, The Black Knight treks through a dark and mysterious world filled with whimsical creatures to kill the dark princess and ending her reign of terror. A throwback to classic platformers, Black Knight Sword evokes simple yet addictive and challenging gameplay with an overall aesthetic unlike anything released to date.

American Mensa Academy (800 Microsoft Points )
Get ready to stretch your grey matter as you put yourself through more than 100 interesting and challenging puzzles designed to stretch and train your brain in key areas including logic, language, visual and more. Mensa Academy is the only brain training game backed by Mensa, the high IQ society, so for the first time you?ll be able to put all that practice into action by taking on real Mensa-style questions, like the ones you see in the Mensa IQ tests. What will your Mensa Academy score be?