The Walking Dead – Episode 4 Stats and Accolades trailers are definitely living

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead episodic game series seems to have players as enamored with the franchise as the AMC TV series, so it’s always fun when we get a look at how each episode plays out, statistically speaking.

Warning, huge and nasty spoilers for Episode 4…

The Walking Dead – Episode 4 Stats trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”HbBOZrcNHXo” width=”550″]

Telltale also compiled the accolades for the latest episode into a trailer of its own, as you can see.

The Walking Dead – Episode 4 Accolades trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”Q9J09BK6JDs” width=”550″]

Episode 5, the final of this season, should get an official date awfully soon, so stay tuned.

Also, if you’re waiting for all 5 episodes at once or want the game on a disc, make sure to check out the retail version below.