Puppeteer takes us to Hallowee Ville in new Halloween trailer

A new trailer for the PS Move-enabled, PlayStation Network title Puppeteer makes a whole lot of sense on the night of Halloween, especially one that focuses on the Hallowee Ville location in the game. The whole searching for your disembodied head thing too.

Definitely worth a look.

Puppeteer – Hallowee Ville trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”SIOfvItlM8w” width=”550″]

In Puppeteer, our hero escapes from Castle Gristlestein, – the dark and gloomy castle of the Moon Bear King – and sets out on his adventure to retrieve his disembodied his head. His extraordinary journey will take him to many surprising and diverse locations, one of which is the spooky world of Hallowee Ville. In this land of frights, things have really gone to pot since the Moon Bear King took over the Moon Realm. Who needs to be scared for fun on an outing to Hallowee Ville, when your whole world is full of fear?