Alawar “Don’t want no trouble” with their latest title Karate Survivor!

What gamer hasn’t watched a Jackie Chan movie and wished they could replicate the frenetic action in their favorite video games. Jackie Chan’s Stuntmaster made…an attempt and Rocksteady’s combat system that was utilized in their Batman Arkham games came close, but didn’t nearly incorporate enough environmental interaction. It seems like no dev will ever tackle this pipedream until Virginia based developer Alawar quietly enters the scene and perhaps they will show they do indeed…Know Martial Arts?

In the studio’s Karate Survivor you’re a martial artist beset on all sides by unending waves of thugs, minions and cronies. Armed with just your limbs methodically take out the hordes as you spryly avoid being cornered and use whatever you can in the environment to inflict pain! Survive long enough you’ll level up and be presented with a trio of boons. Select the one which is best suited for your playstyle and hopefully continue to hand out a thrashing without being overwhelmed!

Karate Survivor is set for a 2024 release on PC and hopefully console will follow.

Karate Survivor | Teaser Trailer:

Karate Survivor | Teaser Trailer

Karate Survivor screens: