The Nintendo Switch successor is real and will be revealed this fiscal year

It wouldn’t be Nintendo to make a big announcement when no one is paying attention (ok, maybe this affects the people in the West, since this announcement was made in the afternoon local time for the company). In a very simple Tweet, the Osaka based company announced that the hardware that will act as the successor to their extremely popular Switch console is real and it’s reveal is imminent.

Shuntaro Furukawa, the current president of Nintendo delivered 470 character message (The company pays for X Premium) which recounts how the Switch was announced nine years ago,  a new console will be revealed to the public sometime this fiscal year and a new Nintendo Direct will be scheduled for June which will focus exclusively on software. So it seems while new hardware is impeding, the Switch will still get plenty of support.

Now that we know it’s real, what features are on your wishlist? What do you think the name will be? I’m rooting for the name brought forth by Rami Ismail. As for features, I’m just hoping for internals that will put it on par with the PS4. Whatever it will be as long as they don’t get too crazy with innovation *cough, cough* Wii U *cough, cough*, I’m sure it’ll sell like hotcakes cause it’ll have Mario games.