Endless Legend is free for one week on Steam

Who doesn’t like free things? I know I will certainly check the Epic Games Store periodically to see what zero cost offering, so it’s pretty neat to hear directly from the studio that they are giving their title away. Amplitude Studios is a French developer who seems to have a love affair with the word “Endless” (Look at the company’s gameography…the word is in five of seven of their titles).

For the uninitiated, Endless Legend is the studio’s second effort which was released in 2014. It’s a 4X (a title which features eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) taking place in the world of Auriga where you take the reigns of one of eight civilizations as they grow and hope to remain the last one standing.

This isn’t the first time the studio gave out the title for free, in fact 500,000 copies of the game was offered on the studio’s community platform Games2Gether. In fact the overwhelming response to this offering is the reason why the studio expanded the giveaway on Steam. So you have one week (May 23rd) to add this title to your Steam library and hey maybe pick up some of the game’s DLC which is currently discounted up to 80% off!

Amplitude Studios latest title is Endless Dungeon, a tower defense twin-stick shooter available now on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Hey maybe if the studio still exists in 9 years that title will be offered for free!